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These Powerex Precharged batteries are always ready for use and have a very low self-discharge! These batteries are sold in packs of 4 pieces.


  • 4 Powerex Precharged AA batteries
  • Shipment including a handy little box
  • Nominal capacitance of 2,600 mAh
  • Perform well in demanding equipment such as camera flash units
  • Perform better than other batteries with a higher capacitance

Powerex Precharged low self-discharge technique

Regular rechargeable batteries discharge on their own. When the batteries are fully charged, they have a high capacity. But when the batteries are not used until a few weeks after charging, up to 50% of the capacity will be lost.

With Powerex Precharged batteries, this problem is a thing of the past. Precharged batteries are so-called Low Self Discharge (LSD) batteries. Precharged batteries retain 85% of capacity for one year. The batteries are always ready for use.

Precharged batteries clearly demonstrate that not just the capacity of the batteries is important. Precharged batteries often work better and longer in devices than higher capacity batteries.

These batteries can be used in all devices that run on rechargeable batteries. The batteries can be charged with any good battery charger, but we recommend the Maha Powerex chargers for maximum battery life.

Additional Information

Volumetric weight [Kg] 0.13
Saleable state 3
Saleable state No
Warranty N/A
Size AA
Capacity 2400 mAh
Package contents 4 pcs + storage case
Diameter Ø No