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Although the Maha Powerex C401FS is very small, it has all the features for optimized battery charging and maximizing battery life.

  • Charges AA / AAA NiMH or NiCD batteries accurately
  • 4 independent channels for extra long battery life
  • Slim "Negative Delta V" charging program to maximize battery charging
  • Inclusive compact adapter and adapter to use in the car or camper

The charger recognizes NiCD and NiHM batteries automatically and adjusts the charging cycle according to the type of battery. The four independent channels do not overcharge batteries, this saves battery life.

The charger has a fast and a slow charging mode. In the fast charging mode a charging current of up to 1000 mA is used, and in the slow charging mode a charging current up to 300 mA is used. When the batteries are fully charged, the small drip charge flow ensures that the batteries remain full.

Batteries are not included!


  • Charging current Fast: 1000mA (AA) / 500mA (AAA)
  • Charging current Slow: 300mA (AA) / 200mA (AAA)
  • Drip charge flow: 50mA
  • 4 independent channels for NiCD or NiMH


The Maha Powerex C401FS charger comes with the following accessories:

  • Compact power cord
  • Adapter to use in the car or camper
  • Manual

Additional Information

Volumetric weight [Kg] 0.34
Saleable state 3
Supported batteries AAA, AA, NiMH, NiCd
Independent channels 4
Charge time 2 hours (Fast), 5 hours (Gentle)
Dimensions No
Weight No